14 January 2009

Tried and true still rules them all!

I’ve been a user of Paytrust, a bill payment management web site, for 11 years now. Over the last couple of years banks have gotten much better at bill payments and I’d been tempted to let go of my Paytrust subscription and just use the bank’s services. The cost is about the same, but this morning I was pleasantly surprised to rediscover why I love Paytrust so much and why I’ve stuck with them since 1998.
I wanted to make a change to my account and it was 7 AM EST in the morning. Calling most banks for online support at that hour will get you into an endless queue of computer answering menus. I called 1-800-PAYTRUST and simply selected 4 for other issues and was connected within seconds to an operator who was very friendly, very helpful and was based in North America. She was able to resolve my issue in no time and I could go on with my day. Had I called I bank, I might still have been on hold.
So besides the fact that I can look at my records going back 11 years (NO bank does that) AND the great customer server AND of course my personal favorite, the fact that Paytrust had NOT changed their user interface for years (it’s clean, simple and efficient with no fancy frills) even after Intuit bought them out, I really don’t see any reason why I would ever use anything but Paytrust.
Thank you Intuit/Paytrust for providing such a stalwart application that makes my life so easy!


05 January 2009

Happy New Year!

With the new year upon us, I’ve made a renewed commitment to my blog and the SharePoint community at large. The last couple of months have been tumultuous for me to say the least, but I am looking to the future with new vigor and hope. Here’s to a GREAT 2009!


SharePoint Remote Event Receivers are DEAD!!!

 Well, the time has finally come.  It was evident when Microsoft started pushing everyone to WebHooks, but this FAQ and related announcement...