16 October 2009

How do I turn on Content Approval for a SharePoint list

I received a question about this in the Support Forums today, so I decided to jot down the steps quickly for future seekers of knowledge…
To turn on Content Approval, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the list for which Content Approval is to be turned on.
  2. Click “Settings” next to the “Actions” menu.  If you do NOT see “Settings”, it means you are not an Administrator of that list.  You must have Administrative rights over the list to be able to do this.
  3. On the dropdown menu for “Settings”, click “List Settings”.
  4. On the List Settings page, under General Settings, click the “Version Settings” link.
  5. On the Version Settings page, set the “Require content approval for submitted items” option to “Yes” and click the “OK” button.
That’s it!  Enjoy…


11 October 2009

Can’t wait for SPC09!

Well, we’re in the final week countdown to SPC09 and I can’t wait! It’s going to be THE biggest SharePoint event in history and we’ll be able to openly talk about SharePoint 2010 after that. Thank goodness!

Some cool stuff coming so stay tuned…


08 October 2009

Just got spammed again…

This message is for the person out there that loves to spam my blog with links for cheap medications… Thank you so much for your spam attempt… my readers won’t ever see it because content approval is turned on for my blog, so you might as well give up. Oh yes, it used to be a major pain to manage the comments list after you would spam me, but I solved that by writing my own little tool too so… just give it up already!


03 October 2009

Tired of clicking on Zynga’s Farmville on Facebook?

Well, this should solve your problem then.  I got roped into Farmville by my fiance and didn’t want to spend the time doing mundane things like clicking on farm tiles over and over and over again to harvest, plough and plant each time.  What to do, what to do?
I looked around for an auto player script, but since the game is Flash based, no script could identify any elements to click on.
Sure there were a couple of macro players out there, but they all require that you install the macro software and more importantly, they required that your farm be setup in a specific way which made it hard to use.
As an old C developer, I knew it wasn’t that hard to simulate simple mouse click, so I cracked open Visual Studio 2008 and wrote a quick C# app to do just what I needed.
The app is pretty simple.  You train it where to click.  This takes the longest time, but only needs to be done once.  From then on, you just load your farm and fire off the Auto Clicker. 🙂
Here’s my Youtube video showing how it works:
Download the App here:
Once you’ve downloaded it, remove the .REMOVETHIS extension from the file name so that the app would be an .exe app.
No, there’s no virusses or trojans or anything in there.  Scan it with anything you wish to be sure.
Anyway, enjoy!


02 October 2009

Can’t wait to stretch the legs on my new NetAdvantage controls!

OK, so the MVP 3rd Party Offers program has been very good to me over the years and I’ve committed to doing some reviews of the products that I use.  The latest in my long list of products that I’m excited about trying is the NetAdvantage controls from Infragistics.
These guys have a great video library over on their community site that shows many how to’s and features of the products.  Go take a peek for yourself here:
I want to thank Jason Beres and the crew over at Infragistics for participating in the MVP 3rd Party Offers program.  Look for my review of the NetAdvantage controls in the near future.


01 October 2009

SPC2009 is coming! I’ll be there… how about you?

Yes indeed my friends, the SharePoint Conference 2009 is coming quickly!  Hosted in Las Vegas, NV from 19-22 Oct 2009, it’s going to awesome!
I will be there…l how about you?
Check out the session sneak peak…


SharePoint Remote Event Receivers are DEAD!!!

 Well, the time has finally come.  It was evident when Microsoft started pushing everyone to WebHooks, but this FAQ and related announcement...