Failed to create the Common Data Service database in this environment with status code CRMLicenseRequired

I encountered another parity problem between GCCHigh and commercial M365 today.  This time it's in PowerAutomate when using Approvals.

My workflow contains a simple Approval as seen below.

PowerAutomate allows me to save the flow just fine.  So far so good.  Now we attempt to test the flow and the following error is generated:

When we drill down into the flow status, we see the following:

To be clear, there isn't much more in here than the 409 status code.
In order to validate the problem, we did the following:
  1. Provisioned a commercial tenant with NO database in the Common Database Service (CDS).
  2. Created a PowerAutomate flow with an Approval like in GCCHigh.
  3. Triggered the flow to test it.
It took a little while, but the approval request came through.  The delay was due to a database being spun up in CDS, even though the tenant did NOT have a license for CDS.

Conclusion: There is a parity mismatch between commercial and GCCHigh when attempting to use Approvals in PowerAutomate.  In GCCHigh, a CDS license is required.


How do I - Open support cases for GCCHigh?

 The first thing newcomers to GCCHigh want to know is how to open support cases.  There are a couple of things to note as laid out in the Microsoft Docs on the subject.

  • You must be an administrator for the area for which you intend to open a support case.  That means if your case is about SharePoint Online, you must be configured in your tenant as a SharePoint Administrator.  The Microsoft Docs provide more detail on managing admins etc.
  • What the docs do not (presently) provide is actual links and directions to a starting point.  I have submitted a pull request to update the docs which will address this shortfall.  In the mean time I'll provide the guidance here:
    • Navigate your browser to
    • Using the New Admin Center, navigate to Show all > Support > New Service Request.
    • Use the Subject to provide a brief description of the problem.
Hope that helps.

It's a whole new world!

 If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I live in the SharePoint world and blog mostly about SharePoint related topics.  I haven't had time to blog lately in part because I've been involved in a major migration effort to GCCHigh which is Microsoft's new ultra secure 365 world for DoD clients.

As we all know, security and ease of collaboration are polar opposites of the same sliding scale.  The more secure a system is, the harder collaboration in that system is going to be.  That means that there isn't parity between commercial 365 features and GCCHigh 365 features.  This can make for some frustrating times especially because ALL documentation from is usually related to commercial 365.

Going forward, I will attempt to provide some tips, tricks and tutorials for working in the GCCHigh environment on a variety of topics like:

  • SharePoint Online in GCCHigh.
  • PowerApps in GCCHigh.
  • PowerAutomate in GCCHigh.
  • Teams in GCCHigh.
  • Azure Information Protection in GCCHigh.
  • and many more...
So stay tuned as we pivot this blog from traditional commercial SharePoint content to more specialized cloud content.