29 June 2009

Even the mighty stumble sometimes…

Well, I upgraded my iPhone 3G last week to the latest iPhone 3.0 OS and I like the new features such as search, snappier texting etc., but the most interesting thing to me was noticing something totally unrelated. I’ve been playing Mafia Wars on iPhone for a while. One of the great annoyances for me, and many other people if you read the Zynga message boards, has been that the game seems to leak memory and crash every so often. When fighting, you can generally get about 30 fights in before you have to restart the game or face a sure crash.

Now I upgraded ONLY the iPhone OS. The Mafia Wars app remained untouched. I noticed that now I’m able to complete all 114 fights built up over night without the need to restart the app and without the app crashing on me. Well… that’s interesting, isn’t it? People have been calling the app bad and poor programming for months yet, it seems to me, since only the Apple OS was upgraded (and with it the APIs), and because of it, suddenly the app is more stable… well, 1+1=2 last I checked so… it seems to me that the problem wasn’t Zynga’s app, but Apple’s APIs. LOL J It seems even the mighty stumble sometimes… 😉


SharePoint Remote Event Receivers are DEAD!!!

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