12 March 2006

FedEx rates a rip off!

OK, so I had to mail a two page document to Denmark yesterday.
So I went to FedEx to mail it off.
First they had me fill out the way bill.
Then when I got to the counter, they had yet ANOTHER document for me to fill out.
This one had all kinds of questions related exportation.
Export?  EXPORT?  What do you mean export?  It’s two sheets of paper for pitty’s sake! 
Fine!  Whatever!  I filled out the stupid document.  The cost is rung up…
$54.00!!!  WHAT???!!!  You have got to be kidding me!  IT’s TWO LOUSY SHEETS OF PAPER!!! 
There is NO way I’m going to pay FIFTY FOUR DOLLARS to mail TWO SHEETS OF PAPER to Denmark!
So I took my two sheets of paper and went to the U.S. Postal Service.
No big forms to fill out!
No stupid export questions to answer!
Any my total cost?
ONLY $5.25!!!
Go figure…

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