16 April 2006

TrippleHead2Go… a new gadget that kicks butt!

OK, so you’ve seen, or heard of the Matrox innovation called DualHead2Go for notebooks right?  If you haven’t, check it out, it’s pretty slick.  In our world of ever more precious screen real estate, most developers have at least two monitors (if they have a desktop) or their laptop plus an external monitor.  Now the multi monitor need has been around for a long time, especially if you were an investor (or should I say day trader) during the stock market boom of the late 90′s, but it really became a craze and was finally embraced by video card manufacturers when gamers started demanding it.
What’s cooler than being able to stretch your Quake, F.E.A.R. or Rainbow Six, Madden or even your favorite Flight Simulator out across multiple monitors?
Of course the problem has always been that with two monitors housing your game experience, there’s this annoying strip down the middle… yeah, I’m talking about the edge of the monitor where the two monitors, side by side, meet.  Now as a developer, this isn’t a problem because you have different full screen apps running on each monitor, but as a gamer, it is rather distracting.
Some companies tried solving the problem by producing monitors designed to go side by side with very, very thin edges, but truth be told, that was NEVER really a solution to the problem.
Enter TrippleHead2Go and suddenly, the ultimate gaming experience is within reach!
The solution is not to make the monitor edges thinner, but to use a third monitor… BRILLIANT!  What TrippleHead2Go does is stretch your video output across three monitors, each at 1280 x 1024 resolution making it appear to Windows as if you actually have a 3840 x 1024 desktop resolution.  Now placing three nice LCD monitors side by side and slightly tilting the outside monitors inward, you can get a truly surround experience from a flight simulator.
As you can tell, the TrippleHead2Go is so new that the manufacturer Matrox does not even have it on its web site yet.  According to CPU Magazine (one of my favorites) it is expected to list at around $300.  Now there’s incentive to drop a grand on the TrippleHead2Go and three LCD monitors!
The possibilities are absolutely endless…

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