06 April 2007

Lotus Notes... how rude!

OK, OK, I'm getting on my soapbox about Lotus Notes again!  My company uses Lotus Notes for the most part but there is a group on an Outlook pilot.  Of course I'm in the pilot group! :-)
Anyway, I can endure Lotus Notes, only barely, when it's tucked away in a corner where I only have to use it every so often.
So it happened that I found myself the unfortunate victum of a Lotus Notes 7 upgrade push.  The upgrade was pushed out to my laptop and the most obnoxious dialog window was displayed right center OVER all my work.  Try and move it and it just jumps back to the center spot.  Of course it's modal so you can't hide it either.  That effectively rendered my work ability useless for the duration of the installation.
Now granted the dialog window might have been from the tool used to push the upgrade, but then again maybe not...
That was one iritation to deal with, but what I found this morning, just blew me away!
I go ahead and fire up my laptop this morning and want to start Outlook, my DEFAULT email application right?
Lotus Notes had BOLDLY and WITHOUT my permission just replaced Outlook as my default application.
First it removed Outlook from the Start menu:
And then secondly, Oulook has to reset itself as the default email and calendar application:
Now is it just me or didn't Microsoft get sued over setting IE as the default browser without the user's consent?
If I go running to the FTC, will they sue IBM and make them stop doing this?

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