13 January 2008

How do I? – Restore access to my Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Central Admin site after adding a new server to the farm

OK, so you’re adding another server to your MOSS farm… you just ran the Config Wizard on the new server and upon completion, SharePoint tries to launch the Central Admin site. Only problem is that you’re presented with this little nugget of a screen:011308_1531_HowdoIRes1First of all, don’t panic. You’ve found this blog article and we’ll get your access restored in no time. OK, so the problem is cause by an entry that the Config Wizard makes in the HOSTS file of the server. So begin by navigating to C:\WINDOWS\System32\drives\etc.149ALocate and open the HOSTS file with Notepad or whatever your favorite text editor is. You will notice an entry similar to this one in the file:011308_1531_HowdoIRes2Simple delete this line and save the HOSTS file. Close the browser and then open Central Admin again and tada! 😉


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