08 August 2008

What a WONDERFUL 20th Anniversary gift EA Sports is giving us…

OK, I have to get this off my chest…
EA Sports, in all their glorious wisdom has decided to drop, that’s right, DROP support for Madden NFL on the PC platform! Never mind that they built their empire on the backs of PC gamers. Never mind that we carried them through some years back when other PC Football games emerged to challenge Madden. Never mind that EA has an EXCLUSIVE license from the NFL to use its logos and player names etc. Never mind that we’re now left without any game options on the PC platform. What a crock!
Thank you very much EA Sports. Thank you and goodbye. I’m boycotting your Madden series now. If you’re not going to support my PC platform, I won’t support you either. I know I’m a lone voice and you probably don’t even care but I’m disgusted that you would do this.
I’m just wondering… what does John Madden think about all this?
I’ve played Madden since the 99 version and yes, I’ve only spent 9 of the 19 season following the game, but now 2008 is my final version. I spent many, many, MANY hours playing Madden. Oh well… now I’ll have a LOT more time for other things…


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