12 April 2010

SharePoint built in automatic thumbnails for an image library

SharePoint maintains some built in thumbnails that’s automatically generated when images are uploaded to the image library.  This is in order to allow for the thumbnail view of the image library.  Here’s an example from my blog.
On the left side is the original image that exist in the image library.  Click on the link to see the image in it’s full size.  The right side is the SharePoint thumbnail.  You can click it to see the size of the image.

The formula is pretty simple…  simply change the URL as follows:
Original:  http://www.cjvandyk.com/blog/Lists/Photos/042308_1817_VMWareSnaps3.png
Thumb:   http://www.cjvandyk.com/blog/Lists/Photos/_t/042308_1817_VMWareSnaps3_png.jpg
As you can see, simply:
  • Insert “_t/” in front of the file name,
  • Replace any periods (.) with underscores (_) and finally,
  • Append a “.jpg” at the end of the file name.
As you can see, my example was actually a .png file, but the thumbnail is still a .jpg file.


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