29 June 2010

Honeymoon – Day 0-1

WOW! WiFi speeds in Italy ROCKS!!! Jess and I just landed in Rome.  We got to our hotel and I connected the netbook through their wifi network.  I was curious, so I did a quick speed test.  Here are the results:
Upload is about what you’d expect, but 5.5 Mb download via wifi from a small hotel on the coast of Italy?!  Are you kidding me?!!!  I don’t even get that kind of download speed via hardline from home! 
Anyway, we had a wonderful trip to the IND airport.  Chad and Lisa surprised us with a Lincoln Towncar to the airport!  You guys rock!  We had safe flight and enjoyed the transfer from Rome to Civitavecchia via a Mercedes Benz! There’s lots of those around here apparently. 
So here are my very fist impressions of Rome/Italy as I’ve experienced them…
  • Their roads are in AWESOME condition.  Unlike American roads that are cracked and full of pot holes, their roads are excellently maintained.
  • Streets are narrow.  To be expected in cities older than the US I guess. 
  • No SUVs.  That’s right.  Lots of small cars.  No big honkers.
  • Drivers tend to make use of ALL the road they have.  If there’s no traffic around, they’ll drive in the middle of the two lane road, right on the center line.
  • Highway exits are small and narrow.  If you don’t slow waaaay down for these bad boys, you’ll run over the edge for sure.
  • Most building roofs are made of clay tile.  I’m yet to see shingles anywhere.  I like clay tile more anyway.
Photo time…

OK, OK.  Enough of that.  Time for Jess and I to go take a walk on the beach and explore Civitavecchia bit.


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