22 September 2010

Things that make you go hmmm

I saw this list of the supposed top 50 influencers in the SharePoint world as far as Systems Integrators/Consultants are concerned…

Now I can go into a long outburst over how they picked their criteria etc. for the list, but I won’t. I agree with SOME of the names on this list. My friends Andrew Connell and Scot Hillier absolutely belong on this list, as does long time SharePoint genius Ted Pattison, but some of the people on this list, I don’t even recognize… and I have been in the SharePoint world for almost a decade now… Lots of notable names are not on this list, like Todd Baginski, Gary LaPointe, Robert Bogue, Bil Simser among others… Suffice it to say, I think the list isn’t correct. Now before I get accused of bias, I’ll prove my point simply… riddle me this…

Is ANY list of the Top SharePoint influencers complete or correct without… Joel Oleson???


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