06 October 2010

How do I – Resolve the LocalAppData environment variable issue when launching Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate after installing FeatureBuilder.vsix

  1. Once you’ve installed Feature Builder in a Windows XP environment, you may get the following message when launching it.

  2. In order to create the required variable, begin by right clicking on “My Computer”.
  3. On the popup menu, click “Properties”.

  4. On the System Properties window, select the “Advanced” tab.
  5. On the Advanced Tab, click “Environment Variables”.

  6. On the Environment Variables modal window, click “New”.

  7. On the New User Variable modal window, enter the Variable Name as “LOCALAPPDATA”.
  8. Set the Variable Value as “%PROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data”.
  9. Click “OK”.

  10. The new environment variable should now show in the list.
  11. Click “OK” again.



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