20 February 2011

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The ice storm the other day not only knocked out my servers but also caused one of my raid arrays to die and temporarily take this blog down. I decided to pull forward my migration plans for the blog. I had planned to migrate my blog to SharePoint 2010 in the spring, but Icepocalypse 2011 forced me to bring those plans forward.

My blog used to run on an old server (physical hardware) that was 4 years old. I had actually gone through the process of virtualizing it 2 years ago and I had it running on Virtual PC on top of a Window Server 2008 R2 machine at the time. When the raid array died, I was forced to revert to the previous night’s backup of the VM.

Since the 4 year old server died, I had to temporarily host the blog on the next server in the Datacenter. Unfortunately, that was only a single core (Oh my gosh!!! ) Pentium 4 CPU at 2.8 GHz with a mere 2 GB of RAM that was (gasp!) 9 years old!!! Since the blog was a VM, I was able to simply move the VHD over to the server and install Virtual PC and point it to the VHD and we were in business again. I was only able to give the blog 1 GB of RAM so performance was a little slow.

I’ve since upgraded my datacenter and got a brand spanking new server. The 8 core Intel i7 950 CPU running at 3.7 GHz with 24 GB of RAM and several TB of hard drive space over multiple disks, was humming along nicely. I gave the new blog server 2 dedicated cores and 4 GB of RAM and now the blog is humming along like a top.

Have I mentioned how much I love virtualization lately?


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