27 June 2012

Presenting… the SharePoint Admin Nav Console (SPANC)

YouTube Demo If you’re like me, you’ve never really tamed the beast called SharePoint Central Admin. With every version, the UI is changed around and it’s not a site administrators go to frequently enough to allow them to get to know the site inside out. The first seed for SPANC was planted about 6 years ago when I was on site with a client and I was hunting through the options in CA for (then) SharePoint Portal Server 2003. The client just looked at me in that certain way. He didn’t say anything, but I could sense what he was thinking and I envisioned it to be something like this… “Hey, you’re a SharePoint MVP and you don’t know your way around CA?” We all know the answer to that. Yes I do, but I don’t know it blind folded. True enough, there are a select few who can remember where every single link in CA is, but that’s not me. I figure I probably do something in CA maybe 9 times per day. In my own rough testing, I calculated that SPANC saves me about 6 seconds per command I’m searching for. Multiply that over 200 work days a year and we get: 9 x 6 x 200 = 10,800 seconds saved per year or better yet, 180 minutes or 3 hours!!! What could you do with 3 extra (BILLABLE) hours per year? I’ve come to a place in life where I know that time is our most precious commodity and every second counts. All philosophical notions aside, SPANC saves me lots of subtle frustration in CA and that’s why I built it. Winking smile Get it here


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