28 July 2005

And the winner is…

OK, so I’ve been blogging for a while, but I’ve tried different blog engines and they always seem to come up short.  It’s not like I’m looking for spectacular features.  I figure a decent blog engine needs:
  1. RSS syndication.
  2. In line screen prints.
  3. Color coded, font differentiated code paste.
  4. Trackbacks.
  6. Lists.
That’s it.  I’m not asking for the world, but all the free on-line blog engines I tried (now granted I didn’t try them all) were coming up short on one thing or another.  Anyway, I thought about hosting my own blog engine on my web server.  It was a toss up between b2Evolution andDasBlog.  Then I began to notice all the posts for security patches that needed to be installed and I knew maintaining a blog engine would be a royal pain in the but! 
Then I happened to read a regular article by one of my colleagues, Tim Landgrave, which contained a link to his blog.  It turned out he was using MSN Spaces.  I had looked at Spaces when it was in Beta and wasn’t too impressed at first glance.  I decided to take another look…
Sure enough, Spaces supports all my basic needs for a blog engine.  Given my limited time and full schedule, having to run my own blog engine just doesn’t make sense, so I decided to consolidate all my blogs here…
Of course it will take me some time to get all my other blog entries from all over transferred here… if ever… oh well… just another day in paradise!

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