24 October 2016

RIP Oscar (2003-2016)

He was my good boy, my companion for 14 years.  He never asked for much except for some loving belly rubs and the occasional ball to chase down the hall.  He was no saint, forcing me to move our gutters in front of the back yard fence.  There was not a gutter safe when Oscar thought there might be a chipmunk hiding in there!  He was no saint, but he was my good boy.
At times he could let out the stinkiest gas you've ever smelled, but have him sleeping on your lap and you let one out... he'd look at you all disgusted and then hop down and walk away in a manner of disgust that only Oscar could pull off.
He was always with me, ever present.  Our morning routine was "Let's go to work boy!" and he'd trot along with me down to the basement and lay on his pillow next to my desk all day long.

Like so many things in life, his time was too short.  We laid him to rest yesterday morning and the grief still wells up behind my eyes frequently.  I'm going to miss him so much, my good boy.
Thank you Oscar.
Thank you my good boy for 14 great years of selfless love and joy.

Oscar having ice cream.

Oscar belly deep in the basement flood.

Ready to work dad!

I'm exhausted!

I have no idea where that came from dad.

Hey dad, you stopped scratching my belly.

I love my Ouma!

Boy I love my naps.

Ahhh, the fruits of my labor...

Whacha talkin 'bout dad... hole, what hole?  You can't prove a thing!

Let me at 'em dad!  I'll get that chipmunk!

Of course, his #1 favorite was to kill squeaky toys!

Thank you my good boy.
Thank you for 14 wonderful years.

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