07 September 2005

Microsoft Support Scenarios for Custom Site Definitions clarified?

On the 10th of May 2005 Microsoft dropped a bomb on the SharePoint developer community with the now infamous 898631 KB article titled "Supported and unsupported scenarios for working with custom site definitions and custom area definitions in Windows SharePoint Services and in SharePoint Portal Server 2003".  In the article, since further updated, they were pretty explicit about supportability of custom site definitions.  Of course this sent the SharePoint community into a total frenzy.  Why?  Well because we all liked being able to modify a definition and having it magically ripple through all sites already provisioned from the given definition.  We liked the "power" it gave us, even though deep down we really knew that we were playing with fire by doing it… like a moth to the flame…

Mike Fitzmaurice of Microsoft, the Developer Evangelism Contact with regards to both Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) and Windows SharePoint Service (WSS) clarified the official Microsoft position in his latest blog entry.


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