25 February 2006

Holiday Inn mess

So my wife and I decided to have a little "get away" this weekend.
We decided to check into the Holiday Inn Select Indianapolis North @ The Pyramids.
The goal was to go playing in their new addition waterpark.
I went onto the Priority Club site a couple of weeks ago to reserve the room, but the waterpark access wasn’t listed at all, so I just reserved a King Bed Non Smoking for $75.05.
We got to the hotel and we told the lady at checkin that we wanted to have access to the water park.
"No problem" she said… yeah right!
We enjoyed the water part immensely, but this morning when the bill came, our rate was listed as $249.00!!! 
Say what?  You’re kidding right?
Apparently not… apparently, they felt justified to charge two people, that’s right TWO PEOPLE, the total sum of $173.95 JUST TO ACCESS THE WATERPARK!
That’s almost $87 PER PERSON!!!  
I don’t even think Disney is that expense… no wait…
I just checked an I KNOW Disney is not that expensive.
Heck, we could have had a full day’s access to the Magic Kingdom ($30) AND ANOTHER full day’s access to the Disney Water Park ($35) AND STILL have $22 each left over for dinner or something!
Though Holiday Inn was fully within their "legal" right to GOUGE, I mean charge me this totally ludecrous rate, the fact that I was not quoted the rate up front combined with the insane amount of money we’re talking about here just for the waterpark (it’s nice, but believe me, it’sNOT $87 per person nice) leaves me stunned…
I feel TAKEN!!!
OK, I’m getting off my soap box now…

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