04 January 2007

Windows Update is forcing my computer to reboot in 5 minutes

OK, so I'm working on my computer and am heavily in process with about 12 windows and application open when what do I see?
What the heck is that all about?
Couldn't Windows Update detect that I'm busy using my system and NOT prompt me until my usage level drops?
With the timer counting down only a meager 5 minutes, if I step away from my desk, I could come back to a forcefully rebooted machine.
That's not good.
So I started wondering what the cause could be.
I checked my Automatic Updates and THAT's where I found the problem.
As you can see, I have my updates set to "Automatic".
That's OK because I did that intentionally because I wanted my machine to update at night when I'm sleeping.
The problem is that I had set it up to update around midnight… or so I thought.
You can see that I have it set for NOON instead. Doh! J Don't I feel like Homer…
Changing this setting should get me the desired result of doing the updates at night.

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