20 June 2007

My BIGGEST pet peeve!

Well, besides idiots clogging up intersections when the light turns red of course… I know this sounds silly, but I just can't stand it when people don't know how to SPELL product names. I don't know why it drives me up the walls, but it does. At my firm, I'm constantly waging a campaign for getting people to spell product names correctly. By spelling I mean, proper spelling with the right letters capitalized! (Told you it sounds silly)

The one that always trips my wire, because it's my product that I love, is when people spell SharePoint with a lower case "p" as in Sharepoint. Ug, it's hard for me NOT to correct that last one in my blog! ;-) Here's a good example I stumbled upon this morning:

Now this dude is "blogging all things" SharePoint. And it's not like he DOESN'T know how to spell it either. The arrow points out where he clearly got it right the first time. But then it all just went downhill after that. This guy really doesn't have ANY consistency to his spelling of SharePoint. At least most people are consistent in using an upper case "S" and a lower case "p".

So I beg you PLEASE! If you're going to use product names, not just SharePoint, please, PLEASE spell them properly! :-)

Ah, it feels good to get that out of my system!


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