27 August 2007

You’ve got to MAKE time for the *new* SDK’s!

If you've not already made time to download, install and look at the new (version 1.2) SharePoint SDK's, you've got to be sure to make some time. Lots of good stuff including the all new Microsoft Business Data Catalog Definition Editor! The BDC Editor is similar to BDC Metaman, but I haven't had time to put the two through their paces to see which one I'd prefer. For the time being, I'd have to say the familiar BDC Metaman would be my choice, but then again, BDC Editor is free. (Sorry Nick).
Anyway, the point is that if you've not had time to look at the new SDK's, you've really got to MAKE time for it!
You can get them here:
MOSS 2007 SDK download and online
WSS 3.0 SDK download and online

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