06 August 2007

How do I? – Add a new Site Column in SharePoint 2007

To add a new Site Column that can be used universally, follow these steps.
  1. Navigate to SA/SS/MASS.

  2. Under Galleries, click "Site columns".

  3. In the menu bar, click "Create".

  4. Under the Name and Type section, set the "Column name" to the name you wish to use for this column. In our case, we're just using TestSiteColumn as the name.

  5. In the "Type of information in this column" field, select the type of field you wish to use. For our example, I'm just using the default "Single line of text".
  6. In the Group section, select the Group in which you wish to place the new Site Column. For our example, I'm just going to leave it in the default "Custom Columns" group.

  7. In the Additional Column Settings section, you can add a Description for your new Site Column.
  8. By default the "Require that this column contains information" field is set to "No". If you wish the site column to be required, set this value to "Yes" now.
  9. For a "Single line of text" field, the default length is 255 characters. If you wish to shorten the field, you can do so by changing this value.
  10. The "Default value" setting is set to "Text" by default, but there's no value in the text box. Set the default value you wish to use for this field here, if you want.

  11. Lastly, click the "OK" button to add the new Site Column.
  12. The new Site Column should now show up in the Site Column list under the "Custom Columns" group.


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