24 September 2007

Cowboys & Colts keep rolling, Bears are soft, Lions back in form, Patriots crowned WAY too early!

OK, it’s week 3 in the NFL and I just have to get some things off my chest…
The Cowboys torched the Bears last night. They always seem to start slow in the first half, but then explode in the second. I’m not going to crown them a Super Bowl contended any time soon, but Tony Romo is the real deal and the ‘Boys look good.
Peyton Manning and the Colts just keep on doing what they need to do to keep winning. The Colts D looks much better than last year during the regular season and even though they’re not blowing people out, they keep winning. That was the same situation last year when the Colts were flying under the radar late in the season. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, picked them to win it all. Instead, all you heard was “They’ll lose in the next round”. But they never did and took home the trophy. This year, nobody’s picking the Colts to repeat, which is just the way they like it. Keep ignoring the Colts and keep picking the cheaters, er… I mean Patriots to win it all. Time will tell…
Sorry Scott, but either the Cowboys are extremely tough and hard on opponents, or the Bears are soft. Yeah, you heard me. I said it. The Bears are soft. How do you explain losing LB Lance Briggs, CB Nathan Vasher, DT Tommie Harris and G Ruben Brown all to injury! All Pro-Bowlers too! I think the Bears are about to self destruct. I have great respect for Lovie Smith, but if he doesn’t draft a QB this coming off season, he can kiss his team goodbye. That’s if the Bears don’t self destruct before the end of the season. I understand backing your man Rex, but even the most optimistic of people eventually stop backing a losing horse. Grossman’s days are numbered and if Lovie ties himself to that anchor, he’ll go down with him. I wouldn’t want to see that because I think Lovie has done some great things in Chicago. I guess we’ll see when the draft comes…
Well, I see the Lions are back in form. (Sorry Chris!) They just go pummeled yesterday by, an embattled QB and an average team. Ouch! But then again, they beat the Raiders and Vikings in their first two games. And people got excited about THAT! Come on people! I figure the Lions will do better this season than last, but I still don’t put then much beyond maybe a 7-9 team.
OK, so it’s no secret I can’t stand the Pats. So obviously, my opinion is a little tainted, but come on people! The talking heads on NFL Network are already crowning the Patriots as Super Bowl champs, UNDEFEATED no less! WHATEVER! Let me see, we’ve played how many games? Oh yeah, that’s right… THREE!!! That’s not even 1/5 of the games yet! And they’re already being crowned champs?! We had the same thing happen with the Bears last year and it sure worked for them! What is really rubbing me the wrong way is the fact that people are saying the Pats are going to go “undeafeated”! Mmm… last time I checked, they still had to beat a very hot Bengals team, IN Cincy! Oh, and don’t forget that in week 6 they have to travel to Texas Stadium and try and dispense the Cowboys! Good luck with that one… But wait, that’s not all… in week 9, they have to go on the road to Indy to face the CURRENT, DEFENDING CHAMPION Colts! If that’s not enough, Peyton has OWNED the Pats over the last couple of years! Ever since he snapped that losing streak in NE, he’s had their number every year! Then in week 13, the Pats again have to go on the road and face the Ravens, and the next week, they host the Steelers who’s looking mighty good too!
No, no, no my friends… crowning the Patriots with an undefeated season this early is a mistake. Besides, if I’m wrong and the Bears are NOT soft, but instead the Cowboys are just very rough on opponents, then I’d be looking forward to some major injuries on the Pats roster in week 6.
OK, so I’ve got it off my chest… now… are you ready for some football! BRING ON THE SEASON!!!


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