04 September 2007

SPS to MOSS migration error - Cannot locate the list definition required for upgrade

If you're migrating a SPS 2003 portal to MOSS 2007 that has customized area definitions, you'll have to revert all those are definitions back to a standard are template before the migration would be successful.
After installing MOSS and running the PRESCAN tool you get stuck with this nasty error message:
09/04/2007 15:01:16 Cannot locate the list definition required for upgrade. Check to ensure you have all templates and language packs installed.
09/04/2007 15:01:16 Error: Exception scanning web: http://SERVER/Annual Enrollment
09/04/2007 15:01:16 System.IO.FileNotFoundException: The system cannot find the file specified.
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Library.SPRequestInternalClass.UpdateSchemaAllListsOfWeb(String bstrUrl)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.PreupgradeReport.Scan.ScanOneSPWeb(SqlConnection connection, String vsUrl, SPVirtualServer vs, SPSite site, SPWeb web)
The problem here is that PRESCAN cannot find the definitions of the areas that are specified in the database. You need to also restore the original WEBTEMPSPS.XML file to the \60\TEMPLATE\1033\XML folder before PRESCAN would run successfully.

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