10 November 2008

Why I’m about to toss my iPhone in the trash

I simply can’t believe the total disservice Apple bestowed on the American public by locking the iPhone down to the AT&T network. There’s been rumblings about the AT&T network from many iPhone users, but personally, I’ve not experienced problems until 4 days ago. Over the past 4 days I’ve had all sorts of problems with the crappy freaking AT&T service!
Text messages won’t send. I have to retry sending them 5 or 6 times before they finally send, if they send at all! Receiving text messages isn’t much better either. Someone sent me a message… I didn’t get it until an hour later… AN HOUR???!!! What the hell am I paying $20 a month for texting for if the damn message doesn’t go through immediately?!
Today, I was trying to make a call, and even though the phone showed 5 bars 3G, I couldn’t make the call at all. It totally failed to connect. The same thing with people trying to call me. Their calls would go straight to voicemail… if they get through at all… what a crock!!!
Of course 611 is totally freaking useless too! Tech support at AT&T blows and the best I got was the two towers in Indiana was down and that was what was causing problems. Whatever! Don’t you do proper capacity planning? And two towers down for 4 days?!!! What the hell?!!!
So, as I sit here and write this, my phone at least now shows “No Service” which is about what I’m having anyway… I’m traveling to Vegas tomorrow and will see if service is better outside of Indianapolis. If it is, AT&T better have their service fixed by the time I get back because the Blackberry Storm is starting to look mighty attractive right now.
Make no mistake, the iPhone is the best damn phone I’ve ever owned. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best damn phone on the market today. Problem is… what good is the best damn phone to me when the network sucks? Answers: NOTHING!!! So, if AT&T can’t get their act together, I’ll be abandoning the iPhone shortly. Thank you Steve Jobs for screwing the American public with AT&T… thanks for nothing!


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