03 October 2009

Tired of clicking on Zynga’s Farmville on Facebook?

Well, this should solve your problem then.  I got roped into Farmville by my fiance and didn’t want to spend the time doing mundane things like clicking on farm tiles over and over and over again to harvest, plough and plant each time.  What to do, what to do?
I looked around for an auto player script, but since the game is Flash based, no script could identify any elements to click on.
Sure there were a couple of macro players out there, but they all require that you install the macro software and more importantly, they required that your farm be setup in a specific way which made it hard to use.
As an old C developer, I knew it wasn’t that hard to simulate simple mouse click, so I cracked open Visual Studio 2008 and wrote a quick C# app to do just what I needed.
The app is pretty simple.  You train it where to click.  This takes the longest time, but only needs to be done once.  From then on, you just load your farm and fire off the Auto Clicker. 🙂
Here’s my Youtube video showing how it works:
Download the App here:
Once you’ve downloaded it, remove the .REMOVETHIS extension from the file name so that the app would be an .exe app.
No, there’s no virusses or trojans or anything in there.  Scan it with anything you wish to be sure.
Anyway, enjoy!


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