18 November 2009

Faith in humanity

Over the past week I’ve had two things happen to me that could have been catastrophic, but as it turned out, our humanity is still strong even though we’re so rushed that we don’t always take time to show it.
First I left Boston last week on Thursday and I was so rushed that I forgot to pack my two external hard drives.  Instead, I left them on the desk in my room at the Marriott Courtyard.  I did not realize what had happened until Saturday night and when I called the hotel, they told me that I had to call the “Lost and Found” department the next morning at 9 AM.  At 9:00 AM I made the call and was overjoyed when I was told that they had found my drives and I could pick them up that Sunday when I check back in.
Then yesterday, I left my iPhone on the counter in the restroom when I was washing my hands.  I was distraught over the loss, but was very happy this morning when it turned out someone had found it and had turned it into the gym trainer yesterday.
Both cases could have been a disaster, but humanity prevailed!  THANK YOU!!!


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