16 November 2009

WOW! What a game!

There are no words to describe the excitement of last night’s Colts/Patriots game other than SPECTACULAR and THRILLING!  WOW!
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Though he’s being criticized for going for it on 4th & 2 @ the Patriots 30 yard line, I would put Belichick’s decision in the same league as coaches in years past scoring the TD at the end of the game and then going for 2 to get the win rather than risk overtime on a coin toss.
When it works, you’re a genius… when it doesn’t, you’re a dog… 
If it had worked, the talking heads would have been hailing Belichick as a genius!  I think the timeout management was more of a problem.  That doesn’t take any guts… just organization… and the lack of timeouts resulted in the 4th down play not being reviewable.
Anyway, a fantastic come from behind win by the Colts… again!
As always, the Colts-Patriots game was the game of the year!


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