19 April 2011

SharePoint Foundation Logger RTW!!!

We are proud to release SPFlogger to the world wide web as Open Source on Codeplex under the GPL! Ever wondered what those CorrelationIDs in SharePoint error messages are all about?  SPFLogger demystifies the SharePoint logging database and unearths the treasure of information captured therein.  This tool will show you the true power of SharePoint 2010’s new logging capability.spflogger

A brief overview

With 3 areas of focus (NT Event Log, ULS Trace Logs, and Timer Job Logs) SPFLogger helps you to identify:
  • what errors are occurring in your environment
  • a frequency of occurrence of errors
  • drill into specific Correlation IDs
  • review Timer Job logs and their frequency
This Silverlight RIA Services application can be in an IIS Web Site directly on your SharePoint Server and with minimal configuration be providing you with invaluable data about your SharePoint 2010 farm in a matter of minutes.


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