23 November 2020

How do I - Open support cases for GCCHigh?

 The first thing newcomers to GCCHigh want to know is how to open support cases.  There are a couple of things to note as laid out in the Microsoft Docs on the subject.

  • You must be an administrator for the area for which you intend to open a support case.  That means if your case is about SharePoint Online, you must be configured in your tenant as a SharePoint Administrator.  The Microsoft Docs provide more detail on managing admins etc.
  • What the docs do not (presently) provide is actual links and directions to a starting point.  I have submitted a pull request to update the docs which will address this shortfall.  In the mean time I'll provide the guidance here:
    • Navigate your browser to https://portal.office365.us/adminportal.
    • Using the New Admin Center, navigate to Show all > Support > New Service Request.
    • Use the Subject to provide a brief description of the problem.
Hope that helps.

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