25 May 2006

SkypeOut free to all US and Canada phones!

Skype just announced that all calls from Skype to any phone in the US and Canada will be free until the end of the year!  This is great news for some.  I have posted about my Linksys CIT 200 Skype Phone before.  I use it to save me a bundle on calls to South Africa using SkypeOut.  Now we can use it to call in the US too.  We currently spend $59.02 on our SBC, now AT&T phone bill of which only $19.89 is for local and 911 service.  The $39.13 is for long distance.  Removing that part of our service from the phone and using the Skype Phone instead for outgoing long distance calls is going to save us $273.91 by the end of the year.
Then at the end of the year, if Skype does not extend their offer, we’ll simply add long distance back to our plan with AT&T.
Thank you Skype/Ebay for saving us a bundle!!! 

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