02 June 2006

Boo Hoo Hoo… poor Adobe…

Of course they allow Open Office to print to PDF and get this… they won’t take on Microsoft in the U.S. courts with their "objection" either… nope, they go and complain to the EU!  Cowards!
Instead of crying like a bunch of old women Adobe should instead add the Microsoft XML Open Document format to their products since it’s now an open standard.  Doing that they’ll allow their current users to exchange documents with Office users as apposed to pushing them towards adopting Office and abandoning PDF.
Of course they will allow Microsoft to keep the feature if they charged for it.  So why don’t they make Open Office charge for it? 
The interesting part of the article was this and I quote courtesy of CNet News:
"Microsoft contends that Adobe is seeking to avoid competition, by wanting the software giant to charge for its own XPS technology and also for Adobe’s PDF format.
Adobe’s desire to hold pricing discussions on these matters may violate antitrust laws surrounding price fixing, Heiner said. He added that antitrust laws prohibit competitors from working together to lower or raise prices and, as a result, Microsoft has refused to enter into such discussions."

Good for Microsoft taking the high road.  OK, enough ranting for now… 

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