05 November 2006

15 yard Facemask??? Whatever!!!

OK, if you missed it, the Cowboys/Redskins game just ended... the hated Redskins won 22-19 on the most unbelievable play I've EVER seen.  First the Redskins missed a 49 yard FG.  Then Tony Romo drove the Cowboys down to take an easy 35 yard FG for the win.  Of course the Cowboys have the Colts' old idiot kicker and he gets his kick blocked.  Sean Taylor picks up the ball and starts running.  During the run, one of the Cowboys grabbed onto his facemask, in what was flagged for 15 yards.  15 YARDS???!!!  His head just gave a slight twitch... that's not 15 yards... that's 5 yards... the way they nearly took Larry Johnson's head off the other day, now THAT is 15 yards... this certainly isn't 15 yards!  Even Terry Bradshaw just said so.  Whatever, Taylor was taken down around mid field and adding the 15 yards AND the one free play gave the Redskins the ability to kick a FG that should have been 55 yards out, from 45 yards, to STEAL a win!!!
Officiating in the NFL has been terrible this season...  I can only wonder what Mike Perreira's excuse for this one would be...  Oh yeah, that's right, it's a "judgement call".  


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