14 December 2006

Windows Desktop Search 3.0 – Be prepared…

I detailed the installation steps for WDS 3.0 and also discussed some of the WDS 3.0 quirks in previous posts.
What has now also become evident after two days is that WDS 3.0 will need to completely rebuild and re-index everything on your computer.
It seems that the old 2.x.x index files are not compatible with 3.0, at least that's the conclusion I've come to since it's been chugging away indexing items on my laptop for 2 days now.
As you can see, the items left to scan keeps rising as it processes my massive email files. Interestingly enough though, it doesn't seem to know how many items have been indexed which is a new bug as that worked in the 2.x.x series.
A little warning stating that the indexes will have to be completely rebuilt and that your machine would be near useless (in my case at least due to the massive amount of email to index) for a while would have been good.
Had I known, I probably would have done the installation on Friday and let it chug away over the weekend.
So if you're getting ready to install WDS 3.0, be prepared… and preferably do it over a weekend. J

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