24 December 2006

Microsoft.com running on MOSS ‘07

The word is out… Microsoft is moving www.microsoft.com to a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 based infrastructure.
It was published on the MSPreview site. Check out the last answer on the page.
The following is the most relevant text.
"In the background we are beginning to migrate much of Microsoft.com to a new platform based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Using Office SharePoint Server 2007 will bring us a broad range of new capabilities that will help you more easily find the information, products, and services you're looking for across our site. Microsoft.com is the 5th most visited Web site on the Internet, hosting hundreds of thousands of pages of content. Running our site on Office SharePoint Server 2007 goes a long way in demonstrating to customers worldwide that the product is reliable and provides an effective solution for managing vast amounts of content."
Now THIS is what I call eating your own dog food! J

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