18 December 2006

X1 is in… WDS is out…

I'be been documenting my woes with Windows Desktop Search indexing seemingly not ever getting done. It seems like WDS would index the files and then when I reboot my computer and restart Outlook, WDS starts the indexing processing all over again. On 12/16, there was only 7,407 items left to scan. But then on 12/18 the count has again increased to 131,687. So, I finally gave up. I originally used X1 Desktop Search when I started on the Office 12 beta cycle and had to install WDS. I did not want to have 2 indexers running on my computer so I went with WDS for the past 15 months. Two years ago when I bought X1 it was $80 for a client license. Today it is now the X1 Enterprise Client and it is FREE! Anyway, I had experimented and found out that I can actually uninstall WDS so I decided to at least try something different. I uninstalled WDS and installed XEC. X1 began indexing right away… And within less than 1 day, a work day with a heavy work load, indexing was complete. The X1 indexer also is much less resource intensive and allows much better flexibility in configuration to make it less obtrusive. So, I'm back using X1 again… at least until WDS gets fixed. J Later C

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