13 March 2007

Microsoft MVP Global Summit – Monday 3-12-2007

OK, so the Summit doesn't officially start until tomorrow morning, but all (or at least the greater majority) of the SharePoint MVP's came in a day early for a team building event… Paintball!
All said, we, a group of 23 SharePoint MVP's and softies, fired off 24,000 paintball rounds in 6 hours of play time… and that INCLUDES the down time between games. JSo how did we all fare? Well, most of us got shot up a lot!

Here's our official signup sheet.

Here's me after taking one of many deadly shots to the facemask! Thank goodness for the goggles.

Michael Noel, John Holliday, Steve Smith getting ready to head out again.

Everyone inspecting the Speedball course. Many a MVP would meet their match in this course… sorry Woody! J

Joel Oleson strikes a pose with Bob Fox, Loke Kit Kai and Michael Noel in the background.

Lawrence Liu gathering the troops.

Red team talking strategy… it wouldn't help much because they got tore up in the Speedball game.

Red team tagged up and ready to go.

Blue team tagged up and ready to go.

Take cover!

I see trouble brewing with both Red and Blue team members on either side of this structure. As you can imagine, it was a shootout!

Loke Kit Kai turned out to be the seasoned sniper in this round. Unfortunately, every time he got to the front lines, someone would pick him off in turn.

Brad "Trigger Happy" Smith probably shot off 12,000 of the 24,000 rounds! J Seriously, Brad would make it rain bullets on any poor soul that dare to stick a head out.

Renault Compte shows off his battle damage.

Ouch! Right in the shoulder!

Another one of the famous eye shots!

Poor Woody Windischman got BLASTED in the final round!

Close up of Woody's damage.

Brad Smith is going to have a sore knee tomorrow.

John Holliday even managed to nail Brad Smith with his very last paint ball of the day.

The Commander in Chief, Lawrence Liu leaves the field.

Stacey Draper got hit in the head so many times, his hair changed color!

Oh man, Loke Kit Kai got hit in the neck. That's gotta hurt!

An exhausted group of MVP's leave the field.
From left to right, top row, Daniel Larson, Joel Oleson hiding in the back, Ocean from Chine, someone hiding in the back again, Andrew Connell, Woody Windischman, John Holiday, myself, someone hiding behind me that's hard to make out, Bob Fox, Shane Young, Todd Baginski, Michael Noel, Nick Swan, Renault Compte, Adam Buenz hiding behind Renault, Todd Klindt and Steve Smith.
From left to right, bottom row, Loke Kit Kai and his wife, Brad Smith and Lawrence Liu.

After cleaning up, we all met in the bar at the Crowne Plaza from where we departed for dinner.

We went down to the waterfront and had dinner at Elliotts. Thanks Lawrence! It was an AMAZING day… a day I'm sure most of us would not soon forget! J
Tomorrow the Summit starts in all ernest. Can't wait to see what it holds.

For the original copies of these photos as well as some not posted here, you can download them from my Winkflash page.

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