13 March 2007

MVP Summit – Best response of the day

OK, so I can't directly quote the response because it was kind of long, as was the question, but I can give you the just of it…
Bill Gates, during the Q&A after his keynotes speech was asked about his philanthropic efforts and how he intends to support the "Laptop for every child" program. He gave a terrific explanation which truly highlighted the disconnected thinking some 1st world thinkers do with regards to the 3rd world. His response encompassed the efforts geared at nutrition, health and pharmaceutical needs of children as a priority.
In other words… and this is my own translation… let's feed them first, so they don't starve tomorrow… then let's make sure they are healthy and don't die of some common disease that could have been prevented BEFORE we even think about giving them a laptop… ever heard of Maslow?

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