16 October 2007

Free 411!

Don't you just love technology? I'm just amazed at some of the possibilities we have with technology these days. Of course, I'm most interested when I can:
  1. Save money
  2. Give less (also read take away) money to phone companies.
Point in case has been my conversion to Skype for long distance.
Another little annoyance that's been bugging me lately has been the $0.99 that my T-Mobile has been charging me for 411 service. It's ridiculous to have to pay for that service!
I do have to credit T-Mobile though. It used to be you'd call for a number, usually while mobile and not able to write down the number. Then two days later, you need the same number, you'd have to call again… and pay again. I'd been suggesting for quite some time that they should at least txt you the information as well so you can then later add it to your phone book. Well, at least they've listened on that front and are now sending txt messages of the listings to you after you call it. But you still have to pay for something that should be free.
Well, it seems Google feels the same way. And now you don't have to pay for 411 service anymore! Just simply dial1-800-4664-411 (1-800-GOOG-411) and use the service the same way you would normal 411. You also have the option to get txt message info on the listing. Even better... If you have an internet enabled phone, you can even get mapping direction sent to your phone for the listing… AND IT'S FREE!!!
Now that's what I'm talking about. I've already replaced my 411 speed dial with 1-800-GOOG-411. Heck, I'll use 411 a LOT more now that I don't have to pay for it! ;-)

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