02 October 2007

Yeehaa! MVP again! (x3)

Well, after an initial delay of the messages going out, I've received my notification that Microsoft has awarded me the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for Windows SharePoint Services for the 3rd year running!
With me being renewed for WSS MVP (thanks April!) and my buddy Dustin Hannifin being awarded MOSS MVP while my other buddy Chad Campbell was awarded Client Application Development MVP, my Firm is officially now up to 6 MVP's! We also have Mark Strawmyer (C#), Jeff Juday (BizTalk) and Brett Updegraff (SQL Server).
Indiana is also still holding on as the SharePoint MVP stronghold. Even though we lost Woody (sorry Woody), Dustin, based out of South Bend, fills that 3rd spot with myself and Rob Bogue being the other 2. ;-) Just an interesting demographic I thought…

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