12 August 2006

Why Java sucks!

OK, I'm sure I'm going to step on some toes with this post and the title is bound to draw some flaming comments from Java nuts... oh well... 
As I had noted before, I love my ReplayTV.
Best of all, I love DVArchive!
DVArchive allows me to use my data server on my home network to store shows.
Now I've already upgraded my ReplayTV's from 40 hours to 640 hours, but using my 3 TB data server to store shows just adds that much more kick to it don't you think.
Anyway, I had been using the 3.1 version of DVArchive(released July 19th, 2004) until recently.
My motto with equipment running in a closed environment such as my network for the ReplayTV's andDVArchive, is simply the age old saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!".
As a result, even though the stupid Java tray icon kept telling me there were newer versions of Java to download and install, I just ignored it.  Why should I install it... everything works...
Now this is why I say Java sucks... the other day, DVArchive simply refused to launch after a reboot.  I have it setup to startup automatically after a reboot.  It turned out that Java was now getting a little cocky and was demanding to install the latest version to upgrade my 1.4.xx version to 1.6.xx.  Huh?  Since when does a software company tell me what I can and cannot run on my machine?! 
After I calmed down from the insult of being forced to download the new Java WHICH I DID NOT WANT, I relented as not having my DVArchive was quite simply not an option.  So I proceeded to download the newest version of Java and install it.  Reboot my machine and (you know where I'm going with this don't you!   ) what do you know... now my DVArchive STILL won't launch! 
Luckily for me, there was a new version (3.2) of DVArchive that was released on July 12th, 2006 which does support the newer versions of Java.  It can be downloaded here.  What made me mad was the fact that Java simply refused to run the 1.4 version any longer until I installed the 1.6 version.  It makes no sense and that is why I say Java sucks!
OK, let the flaming begin...


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