29 August 2006

Why would they not?

A company called Steorn is making claims that run counter to current established physics laws.  They claim that they have invented a new energy generation method that results in more energy being produced than was applied i.e. producing energy out of nothing...  This has been an ever elusive "holy grail" for the scientific community.
Given the current high cost of energy, and considering the rise in demand in China and the very real possibility that the price of oil will probably never come back down from its stratospheric orbit, you would think any possible new source of clean, renewable energy would be welcomed...
You'd think most people would be more than eager to have such energy sources validated given the $3/gal pump rates...
You'd think so... but you'd be wrong!
On the Steorn site (http://www.steorn.com) they have a poll.  See, Steorn challenged the scientific community to validate their findings.  Anyway, the poll asks if visitors think that the scientific community should accept the challenge or not.  So how is it that out of the over 100,000 people who voted, 61% do NOT think scientists should accept the challenge?!  It makes no sense to me.

This negativity sure seems a lot like the reaction Galileo got when he first claimed that the world was round instead of flat.  The way I see it, we should be investigating ANY possible clean, renewable energy sources we can.

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