10 August 2006

Windows Download Manager and 64 bit Internet Explorer bug

I recently built my first 64 bit monster machine.
Of course, having 64 bit hardware, I couldn't run 32 bit Windows or apps (it would be a sin J), so I opted for Windows XP Professional 64 bit.
During the process of downloading drivers and apps from microsoft.com, I encountered a situation where I was trying to download a package from the Office 2007 Beta site that is distributed via the Windows Download Manager.
I clicked the link to start the download, but nothing happened. I figured it must be a security setting. I changed my settings and tried again. Still nothing… OK, so maybe IE has a corrupt DLL or something. Reinstall IE and try again. Still nothing… Mmm... strange...    Then, just for the heck of it, I decided to fire up IE 32 bit instead and try it again. Tada! The download started as expected.   
So, the bottom line is that it appears that IE 64 bit is NOT compatible with the Windows Download Manager so if you run into the same thing on your 64 bit system, just use IE 32 bit to get what you need. 

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