01 February 2007

I should have been an ophthalmologist

I've been trying to setup an appointment with the opta… ophtam… ophthalm… EYE DOCTOR today. Who in the hell thought of spelling OP-TA-MO-LO-GIST that way anyway! J
Anyway, I tried calling this morning just to find out their offices don't open until 9 AM. OK fine… some of us start working around 7 AM, but fine… I can do that. I call after 9 to find out what their latest appointment of the day is and if they weekend hours.
No, no weekend hours and 3:30 PM is the latest appointment they take.
Wow… 9 to 4… only a 7 hour day… must be nice. J
I couldn't find any other eye doctors with any different hours so I decided to go with the original one.
Of course, I get busy and don't get to call back for a while.
Finally over my lunch hour things die down and I get a chance to call.
What do I get… "Our offices are now closed for lunch from noon until one thirty." Say what?
OK, 9 AM to 4 PM = 7 hours
minus 1 ½ hours for lunch = 5 ½ hour work days
times 5 days (that's IF (a big IF) they work 5 days a week) = 27 ½ hour weeks!
WOW! I chose the wrong profession! I should have been an opta… ophtam… ophthalm… EYE DOCTOR! J
PS: Just kidding of course… I love my job and I love what I do. J

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