03 February 2007

Promising online RSS aggregator

I'm sure you've heard of Google Labs and some of the great software projects that have come out of there over the years, but now Microsoft has come up with a very promising online RSS aggregator from its Sandbox. Leveraging AJAX, it's snappy and very responsive. Adding feeds is literally only 2 clicks of the mouse. The interface is very simplistic and basic, but for speed and response time, a basic interface is the way to go. Besides, all we're doing is reading RSS right? Way too many sites overdo the UI which slows down the whole process of just getting your RSS updates. J
The other nice feature is that there is literally NO registration. It seems to tie into your computer somehow but I don't know how that is done. If you have multiple computers from which you wish to access your aggregation page, don't worry. There's a special URL that allows you to do just that!
Go ahead and check it out… http://www.start.com/1/

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