05 February 2007

Super Bowl Champions Baby!

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For the past two weeks, the Bears fans have been telling us that “Defense Wins Championships”. The Super Bowl hasn’t been played in the rain for a very, very long time and everyone thought that if it rained, it would benefit the Bears since great defense and a tough running game is the type of game they love best. Well… it rained…
Of course I nearly had a heart attack when Devin Hester took the opening kickoff, the very first play of the game, 92 yards to paydirt! Down 7-0 Peyton Manning threw a pick and things looked dire. Then a great TD to Reggie Wayne gave the Colts the chance to tie it up but a bad snap and a botched extra point try left the score at 7-6. Another Bears touchdown made it 14-6 for the Bears. And then “The General” took over…
Now a lot, if not all, Bears fans will tell you that is was all “Bad Rex” and that Grossman “gave Indy the game”. I TXTed a buddy of mine after the game and the exchange went like this:

C: Maybe next time…
S: Maybe…bad rex
C: Defense wins championships… maybe great defense
S: D was fair…Rex gave it away in the 4th
S: 117 yards passing and 1 td…94 int yards and 1 td…plus a fumble…bad rex
C: That is exactly what i would expect a bears fan to say
S: Lol…well,they have not been great since harris hurt…but had a chance going 2 4th…but i just felt the grossman collapse coming
S: Of course i say it…rex sucked and left his D on the field most of the game…

All I can say is that you gotta love those Bears fans… if they had won the game, we’d have heard all day long about how “great defense” wins championships, but now that they’ve lost, it wasn’t the Colts’ great defense that won them the game, but it was the fact that Rex Grossman sucked and “gave” the game away. Whatever!
As has been the case all season long, the officiating was extremely disappointing! Someone please explain to me how the ref on the blind side of the call that had NO view of the Harrison catch could overrule the ref on the view side and call Harrison’s catch as out. That forced the Colts to use their last challenge to get the call corrected to what it should have been and what was called by the ref that actually saw the whole play. Thankfully the Colts didn’t need that challenge later in the game. Maybe that ref was a Bears fan. J
OK, OK, I’ll get off my soap box.


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