11 July 2010

Honeymoon – Day 3 – Solerno, Italy

We are on the 3rd day of our Honeymoon and as always, we have LOTS of photos to share.  Today we docked in Solerno, Italy.  We got off the boat and headed for Pompeii.  Wonderful site to visit.  Jess and I discovered today that we don’t like to be hearded around like sheep.  We were on a guided tour with a little Italian lady as our guide.  The tour was for both Italian and English speaking passengers.  So my latest observations:
  • Italians don’t queue.  There is no such thing as a queue (or a line) in Italian culture.  Pushing and shoving in one great big mass, is the way it’s done here. 😉
We love the cruise on MSC Lirica.  I would issue a word of caution to potential travelers though.  If you decide you want to be on guided tours, only book one day in advance.  We believed the hype of “limited seating” and booked excursions for most of our days.  We realized after the first, that is just wasn’t our cup of tea.  We have too much of an exploring spirit to be led around in groups.  We decided to keep the La Goulette tour but cancel the reset.  We were told that, even with 48 hours plus notice, we were NOT going to get a refund on our excursions.  Oh well.  That’s a loss of 106 Euros in Palma de Majorca alone!  Damn!  So be warned.  Trips don’t fill up as advertised and is more likely to be cancelled due to lack of interest than overbooked.  Just book one day ahead.
OK, OK, enough of that.  Time for pictures…


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