15 July 2010

Honeymoon – Day 5 – Palma de Majorca, Spain

We visited Palma today.  A beautiful city indeed.  We chose to forego our excursion fees and do our own thing instead.  Mostly this was because we didn’t want to be herded like sheep again, but we also needed to find Jess some tennis shoes since she forgot hers at home.  From our cabin balcony, we could see the cathedral as well as a castle on the hill.  Jess and I have a thing for castles.  You could say its our theme.  We decided, given the timing of the arrival, to have lunch in Palma.  We went ashore with Wendy and Dale (new Scottish friends we made on the trip) and caught bus 31 to Centro de Palma.  Wendy and Dale split off and did their own thing while Jess and I had lunch at a sidewalk cafe.  We had also discovered that we docked right at the the start of siesta (2-5 PM daily) which the Spanish observe religiously.  Most shops and stores are closed during this time, but a few were open.  Definitely something to consider when planning your trip excursions.  Nonetheless, we found an open shoe store and Jess was able to get herself a nice pair of Nike shoes.
Observation of the day…
  • Europeans don’t really accept plastic (VISA, Mastercard etc.) that much.  They’re more about cash.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but back home, you can drop me anywhere with my VISA and I’d be fine.  In Europe, you better plan to have cash on hand.
  • I really LOVE this siesta idea.  Taking a break (lunch + nap) from 2 PM to 5 PM sounds like an awesome plan to me.  I wonder if we could import that back into the USA with us? 😛
Time for pictures…


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