14 July 2010

Honeymoon – Day 4 – La Goulette, Carthage, Tunisia

We docked in Tunisia today. Jess and I are both disappointed that nowhere on our cruise, with the exception of our port of entry (Rome, Italy), are we getting stamps in our passports. Oh well. No biggie I guess.
Anyway, Tunisia is the site of ancient Carthage… the home of Hannibal and the source of the three Punic Wars starting around 200 BC in Roman history. We were in another group outing today because we had already booked and paid for it, but we were lucky. We got Mr. Wish as our guide. A very knowledgeable and talkative guide. We had a great time ashore. Jess has concluded that she loves the barter system shopping of Tunis! Without further delay, here’s some photos:


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